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ALTON Missouri Sex Offenders Registry.
  Name Date of Birth Street City, State Zip County
Bates, Clark Robert
04/25/1980 3023 Edwards St Alton, IL 62002
Bland Jr, John Wesley
10/14/1967 Rt 72 Box 2220-4 Alton, MO 65606 Oregon
Clark, Scottie Dewayne
03/29/1977 Rr 71 Box 1477 Alton, MO 65606 Oregon
Collins, Scott Charles
04/07/1983 2334 State St Apt C Alton, IL 62002
Durbin, Anthony Joseph
10/20/1962 2923 Forest Dr Alton, IL 62002
Fleis, Robert William
01/26/1978 3011 Watalee St Alton, IL 62002
Gaffney, Basil Richard
09/12/1943 125 Caruthers St Alton, MO 65606 Oregon
Gammon, Ronnie Gene
03/02/1956 Rt 72 Box 222503 Alton, MO 65606 Oregon
Garee, Robert Roy
Moved Out of State
01/12/1951   IL    
Handel, Ethan Drachler
04/01/1979 2703 North St Alton, IL 62002

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